MahiMahi, 6oz, Single Serving Fillet, Frozen

MahiMahi, 6oz, Single Serving Fillet, Frozen

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About This Fish:

A richly colored and beautiful specimen of the sea, Mahimahi was named after the commonly mistaken identification. They were often thought to be dolphins because of their inclination to swim ahead of sailboats with their fins poking up out of the water. 

Flavor Notes:

Mild flavor, sweet, comparable to swordfish

Can be used to replace snapper or grouper in any recipes

Fairly firm texture with large moist flakes

Meat turns white when cooked

How To Cook:

Grill 2-4min each side at 425 degrees for a medium-well finish. 

Skillet 4-6min each side for a medium-well finish.

Recommended Recipes: 

Rice Bowls with Peach & Jalapeno Salsa

Fish Tacos