Collection: Seasonal Syrups

Our seasonal syrups combine locally grown ingredients from dedicated growers across the Hudson Valley. Check out the list of Growers that help supply our Goodmakers with some of our favorite flavors. 
Strawberry Lemonade- Organically Grown Strawberries from Goodmaker Acres
Cherry Cola-Organically Grown Tart Cherries from Fishkill Farms
Raspberry Ginger- Organically Grown Raspberries from Goodmaker Acres
Peach Basil- Organically Grown Basil from Goodmaker Acres & Organically Grown Peaches from Fishkill Farms
Jalapeno Black Tea- Organically grown Jalapenos from Goodmaker Acres
Cucumber Mint Earl Grey- Organically Grown Cucumbers & Mint from Goodmaker Acres
Wild Grape- Wild Harvested Fox Grapes from Goodmaker Acres & Organically Grown Concord Grapes fom Blooming Hill Farm
Sumac- Goodmaker Acres in Collaboration with Black Rock Forest