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Jalapeño Black Tea Syrup

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Turn up the heat with our Jalapeño Black Tea syrup! Capsaicin is the compound in jalapeños that gives the pepper its spicy quality along with many of its health benefits. The heat in capsaicin causes your body temperature to rise, which leads to you breaking a sweat. This means a spicy drink on a hot day is actually a great way to cool down! Every 10 gallon batch we make contains real, organic and locally-sourced jalapeños along with fresh brewed organic black tea steeped directly into the syrup. For this limited-edition seasonal syrup, we added lime and 50% more  jalapeños than before. The result? Big flavor with just the right amount of heat. 


Our peppers are home-grown at our family farm in Warwick, NY. You can see more of what's growing on at Goodmaker Acres here. 

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