Growing More Good 2021

Our long time dedicated fans are familiar with our annual Gala for Generosity. Prior to Angela and I running the show, there was an annual benefit party to help raise funds that were designated for a charity. is focused on providing water wells and reliable sourced of potable drinking water to underdeveloped regions where people struggle to survive. Our company has donated over $20,000 to and we hope to continue to succeed through the support of our community.
Upon founding More Good in 2012, Jason committed this company to a mission of “creating global impact through local success.” It’s our goal not only to carry on in supporting but we want to make MORE good in the world. We plan to host an array of seasonal events supporting an array of local and global organizations. These events will take place at our new location in Warwick, NY. Our retail location, More Good Farmacy, sits on a 7acre plot that we’re converting into a permaculture based biodynamic farming operation. You can learn more about Goodmaker Acres here. 
This event sponsors Sweet Freedom Farm. Our goal is to raise $5000 as a community to help them achieve their goal of purchasing designated land for scaling and liberating farming operations. They've inspired us to explore the origins of ancestral farming practices and learn traditional techniques in addition to offering education in how we can help progress the BIPOC community to better socio-economic opportunities after many years of extreme racial injustice & prejudice. 
Inspired by their challenges and successes, we are so excited to invite our loyal patrons and syrup fanatics to join us for our very first event this year in support of this amazing organization. Here are a few things you can expect to see & experience while you’re here!
Limited admission and food availability. Purchasing pre-sale admission strongly recommended.






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