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Classic Cola Syrup

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Cola gained worldwide popularity after a pharmacist in Atlanta introduced his non-alcoholic recipe in 1886. While the science and production process of creating cola has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, we believe that transparency of ingredient information and commitment to the consumer’s experience has lagged far behind. If you’ve been looking for a healthy alternative to high-fructose sodas, give Classic Cola a try. One of our first More Good offerings, our delicious recipe combines raw organic cane sugar and notes of kola nut, coriander, anise and lavender. This tasty and versatile syrup is bound to become a staple in your rotation.

  • We recommend one ounce syrup to 10 ounces seltzer
  • Great for soda, cocktails, mocktails, and more
  • A healthier way to flavor beverages; you control the sweetness
  • Made with real, hand-crafted organic ingredients and free of high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors

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