A Martha Inspired Meal & Mojito

Mojitos are often a quick mix of granulated sugar leaving them too tart and not so sweet. We like this Martha take, using quick dissolving confectioners sugar to help rectify a common mistake. But, with our lemon lime syrup, fresh mint & lime and a splash of sparkling water, you can make a faux-jito. Add some rum and it's the pitcher perfect mojito!


For 1 serving:
10 leaves Mojito Mint
1.5oz Lime Juice
2oz Rum (Or additional sparkling water)
2oz Sparkling Water
We served these before, during, and after our meal of standard Italian family favorites. Our recipes are riffs on the Martha Stewart recipes provided in the links. 
Classic Cutlets with Farmacy supplied Murray's Chicken Breast
Basic Garlic Broccoli with Goodmaker Acres Broccoli & Rockerbox Garlic