Iced Teas that are Tea-riffic

There's really only one difference between iced tea and sweet tea. It's likely pretty obvious. It's the sweet part. When you're building a tea to scale, you want to avoid over brewing, otherwise you can end up with something too tanic and over-powering. Check out this post on how to brew the perfect cup of tea, then multiply your recipe by 5 to get your first ingredient in this perfectly balanced pitcher of goodness. 
For a simple summer table tea, steep a black tea. This is the most traditional flavor combo... think sips juice boxes and Lipton! You could choose something more fragrant, herbal, or functional if that's what you fancy. This recipe is very versatile and will not let you down.
We recommend our Lemon Lime flavor or Hibiscus Rooibos syrup to add some pretty color. If you're 21+ this makes the perfect party pitcher. Add 2oz of vodka, tequila, or whiskey to your cup, pre-tea of course. Top it off with tea and a lemon wedge garnish. The best way to enjoy this one is with friends!