Spring in your Step

Spring 2020 led us to the establishment of our sister company, Goodmaker Acres. Our family farm is growing produce to support More Good's seasonal rotation of syrups. With the many challenges of the last 12 months or so, our company has been able to continue to provide support to Generosity.org through our Trunk or Treat event last October and we have continued to grow in new directions. Goodmaker Acres will house our farmstand and More Good's Traveling Tavern where you can once again experience and purchase our delicious syrups and mixers. As we establish our roots in our new location, we are hopeful to shortly obtain a liquor license to enjoy happy hour on the farm together. Until then, we will be day dreaming about next spring's Foraged Gin & Tonics at Goodmaker Acres. 
"It can be fun to draw inspiration from seasonal ingredients. We're certainly inspired by the late winter and early spring flavors and colors. With so many plants popping up, I decided to harvest some early purple blossoms off of the deadnettle that runs wild across my unkept garden. There's two sage plants that have a sweet aroma of survival after a long cold winter. Blood oranges are a representation of that change of seasons. They're like little gems."
"Simply infuse your ingredients in 2 cups of gin. Preferably a mild gin to help allow the flavors of your infusion to stand out."

This gin is a particularly fun addition to More Good Spring Tonic Syrup. It adds a wild twist and splash of color to a classic, but quinine-free G&T.