The Perfect Cup of Tea

The Perfect Cup of Tea

There's something special about an afternoon cuppa. Whether you fancy Earl Grey or something a little less bright and a little more grounding like a chai... caffeinated or non, it's important to brew your blend the right way. It only takes a few steps to avoid that tannic taste at the tip of your tongue from an over-brew. Follow our tried and true recipe to ensure the best brew, every time. 

1. Bring 3 cups of water to a gentle rolling boil. This teapot will help you to bring your water to the exact temperature. Turn off burner while you prepare tea.

2. Measure 1tsp tea to 6oz water. 

3. Brew with your favorite style infuser for 4 minutes. No more, no less!

*Infusers vary from high volume tea kettle infusers(like the one pictured above) to single cup infusers that sit in or on top of your mug. It's best to choose this tool based on your serving sizes. If you're a tea addict, go for the big guns and invest in a glass infuser pot. If you're a one cup wonder, you would fare well with a mug top infuser. Always remember to rinse immediately after use for easier cleaning.*

4. Strain into cup and adorn with your favorite More Good Syrups and/or creamer.


We recommend 1/2oz of our syrup in a 6oz serving of tea for a touch of something sweet, without being overpowering and sticky. Try our Cassia Kream or Spiced Chai or even Lemon Lime flavors in your next cup of comfort. You may find it makes your afternoon tea a little more good. 

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