Meet the Goodmakers

More Good was founded in 2012 by a crafty bartender named Jason Schuler. His concoctions were a quick hit at farmers markets and quickly gained popularity through the Hudson Valley. With a variety of both classic and unusual flavors, More Good developed a loyal following. Jason developed a manufacturing facility to continue to produce his syrups while helping other small beverage producers with big ideas to do the same.

In 2018 more good things came into Jason's life. He met the love of his life and future wife under the guise of business advice. Ironically, she has since taken over the company. He has sold the manufacturing facility to pursue his dreams of flavor wizardry.

After the Covid19 outbreak, More Good Closed their retail location in Beacon, NY and relocated their headquarters a short drive over the bridge to Warwick, NY. Now a female owned and operated company, Morganne Frazier and her friend and fellow cocktail loving lady, Angela Helland are running the syrup-fueled ship. They are currently developing new flavors for the 2021 season and will debut the Traveling Tavern, a More Good Mobile Soda


Though a lot has changed in the 10 years since More Good was founded, we still enforce the same mission. We want to bring more sweetness into the world, and for many that looks like fresh, clean drinking water. Each year our small company commits to raising $4000 for to provide water wells to communities in