About More Good

Our Company Started with a Single Syrup
Over the last 11 years, it turned into a line of over 20 flavors, a family, & farm.
Our Syrups & Mixers
Our syrups are made in small batches, by hand. Each spice blend is ground in the same mortar and pestle for over 10 years! Our ingredients are always sourced ethically & grown organically. Instead of preservatives, we use pH stabilization and temperature preservation methods that date back hundreds of years. This keeps our Syrups & Mixers safe on a shelf for 2 years and once opened and properly refrigerated, up to a year... But we're pretty sure you'll use up your bottle well before then.
Mr Goodmaker
Mr. Goodmaker started this company with simple a dream. He wanted to make a contribution to the world that felt meaningful. Being a bartender at the time, the conversations with regulars created connections that inspired Jason in an unexpected way. A christmas gift for a few customers turned into a brand in 2011 a retail shoppe in 2015 & manufacturing facility in 2018.
More Good manufacturing was sold to Recess in 2020. It is now a facility dedicated to crafting their line of delicious canned drinks. Mr. Goodmaker and entrusted More Good to his soon-to-be wife and became the unofficial flavor wizard for the Recess brand. 
Mrs. Goodmaker
That's me. I am the puppet master of all of the onsite operations. Over the last 3 years there have been a lot of changes to this company. Ultimately, wanted the brand to encompass the values we try to establish as a family. Supporting good people, making good things, with good intentions. 
Our Family
We want to leave a legacy for our children. Our farm and small businesses fuel our family. We wanted to find a way to leave a lasting legacy for our children through the experiences that entrepreneurship offers us. More specifically, the hard work and discipline required to succeed in life. Life isn't always fun, or easy, or enjoyable... but it's our job to find ways to bring more good into it. 
Our Farm
We love making things in a way that feels better. Typically, for us, that means returning to the more natural way. In 2020, we began to grow our own supply of produce, herbs, flowers, and fiber to gain some control over our business supply chain. We ended up with so much more. Over the last 3 years we have laid major infrastructure for our farmstead, Goodmaker Acres. We utilize permaculture models and concepts to create micro environments across our backyard. Over time, these ecosystems integrate into an interdependent set of systems that keep our maintenance and involvement to a minimum. You can visit us here for tours, shopping, and skills workshops.
Our 1948 chevy pickup can be transformed into a "Traveling Tavern" for weddings, parties and events! 
More often you'll find the truck set up as our "Mobile Market" stand. We offer our farm fresh goodies grown with organic and regenerative practices and low environmental impact at the Warwick Valley Farmers Market & at our Homestead Supply in Edenville, NY.
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